Rapport Ceramic Tile

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American Olean's new Rapport glazed porcelain floor and ceramic mosaic tile series captures the popular linear look and fabric-inspired motif in a winning design combination. Rapport features field tile in the must-have 12 x 24 size and four colors, designed to please. Rapport also features a 2 x 4 mosaic produced using the innovative Blend by Revealâ„¢ technology. This technology combines sophisticated graphics and print files in a seamless production process that duplicates the randomness of a hand-mounted, beautifully-blended mosaic.

Color Line

Agreeable White Rp03-2725 Available as 12"X24" Plain Horizontal
Agreeable White Rp03-2729 Available as 2'X4' Plain Mosaic
Compatible Charcoal Rp06-2728 Available as 12"X24" Plain Horizontal
Compatible Charcoal Rp06-2732 Available as 2'X4' Plain Mosaic
Cordial Gray Rp05-2727 Available as 12"X24" Plain Horizontal
Cordial Gray Rp05-2731 Available as 2'X4' Plain Mosaic
Harmony Beige Rp04-2726 Available as 12"X24" Plain Horizontal
Harmony Beige Rp04-2730 Available as 2'X4' Plain Mosaic
Abrasion Resistance Floor: 4; Mosaic: 4
Break Strength Floor: > 275 lbs.; Mosaic: > 250 lbs.
Color Family Beige-Taupe
Color Family Gray-Black
Color Family White-Cream
Color Group Dark Neutral
Color Group Light Neutral
Color Group White, Off White
Daltile Shade Variation Medium (V2)
Grout Width 3/16" (Overlap should not exceed 33% when installing tile with a length 15" or greater in a staggered brick-joint pattern.)
Grout Width Floor 3/16" (when rectangular size is used in a staggered brick-joint pattern, overlap should not exceed 33%), Mosaic 1/8"
Scratch Hardness Floor: 8.0; Mosaic:8.0
Shade Variation Moderate: Moderate shade and texture variation
Thickness 5/16"
Thickness Floor 3/8"; Mosaic 1/4"
Tile Category Ceramic/Porcelain
Tile Category Mosaic
Type Glazed
Type Porcelain
Water Absorption Floor: < 0.5%