Fascination Carpet

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With a softness and warmth that is entirely its own, Fascination has an appeal that is universal. It is manufactured using 100% STAINMASTER® TruSoft™ BCF nylon Type 6,6 and is available in 24 charming colors.

Color Line

16125 Bebop
16132 Montuno
16139 Chord
26138 Chromatic
26143 Interlude
26145 Break
36126 Diatonic
36131 Coda
46128 Cadence
46134 Lydian
46140 Melody
46146 Stroll
56129 Boogie
56135 Riff
56141 Bridge
56147 Solo
66130 Tenor
66136 Swing
66142 Ballad
66148 Verse
76127 Channel
76133 Legit
76137 Groove
76144 Tritone
Carpet Fiber Brand - List Stainmaster
Carpet Pile Height (in) 21/32
Carpet Pile Height (in) 21/32"
Commercial/Residential R
Construction - Carpet Loop
Country of Origin USA
CRI Certification Yes
Dye Method Beck
Face weight ozs/yd2 46
Fiber Nylon
Fiber Brand STAINMASTER® TruSoft™
Fiber Brand STAINMASTER® TruSoft™ BCF nylon Type 6,6
Fiber Content 100% STAINMASTER® TruSoft™ BCF nylon Type 6,6
Finished Pile Thickness Inches 21/32"
Gauge 1/8
Pattern Repeat Random
Primary Backing Polypropylene
Secondary Backing Action Bac
Stain Treatment Stainmaster
Total Weight (ozs/yd2) 82
Type Looped
Type Textured
Type Description Textured
Warranties Two-year limited repair or replacement warranty.
Warranty - Abrasion STAINMASTER® 15 Year Abrasive Wear Limited Warranty
Warranty - Anti-Static STAINMASTER® Lifetime Anti-Static Limited Warranty
Warranty - Soil STAINMASTER® Lifetime Soil Resistance Limited Warranty
Warranty - Stain STAINMASTER® Lifetime Stain Resistance Limited Warranty
Warranty - Texture STAINMASTER® 15 Year Texture Retention Limited Warranty
Width(ft) 12