Maintenance - Laminate

Maintaining Laminate:Laminate

  • Decorative laminate patterns and colors are not consistent through the thickness of the product.  Therefore, scratches can occur.  Those scratches cannot be repaired. 
  • Since laminate countertops are non porous, they are bacteria resistant.  However, bacteria can invade the seamed areas. 
  • Laminate tops are easy to clean.  Spills like wine or juice come off with little or no effect if cleaned early.  Soap and water work well on these tops.  Or, there are over the counter products to remove more difficult stains.  Never use abrasive cleaners on laminate surfaces.
  • Expect normal wear and tear on laminate tops.  Heat will cause the most damage.  A scorch mark will appear if you set a hot pan on your countertop.  A general rule of thumb is too hot to set on your hand, then it’s probably too hot to sent directly on a laminate countertop.  Granite tops are more resistant to heat, but acid or vinegar can harm a granite top, making it necessary for the top to be resealed.  Not so with laminate countertops.
  • Laminate is a strong material, but it can be cut with a knife.  Knife cuts can go through the color layer, exposing the brown underlayment.  These types of cuts cannot be repaired.  Use cutting boards when cutting or slicking.
  • Since there will be seams on a laminate top, if allowed, water can infiltrate the seam which will become unsightly. 
  • Bacteria and dirt can become trapped in the seams, but not in the product itself.