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Adams Signature Oak Timeless sophistication is captured in classic semi-gloss stains while design inspired satin selections revive this signature collection with sleek style. Color Line

Ashby Our exceptional Ashby collection features immense 7” wide planks in a beautiful palette of traditional to trendy stains. Unique wirebrushing enhances the weathered visual of oak while a luxurious smooth surface highlights the natural character of maple. Color Line

Ashlynn Our Ashlynn collection features whimsical, wirebrushed planks in both fashion forward colors and traditional stains. These floors offer a unique visual of weathered planks enhanced by natural character. Available in hickory and oak. Color Line

Beacon Oak Our Beacon Oak hardwood flooring creates a sleek look that infuses any space with sophistication. The narrow, engineered hardwood floor planks with a kissed edge offer a perfect backdrop for any style décor, from antique-filled to contemporary. Availab Color Line

Beckham Fashionable stains inspired by high-style and design combine with the sophistication of solid hardwood to make your flooring a reflection of your lifestyle. Color Line

Beckham Engineered Fashionable stains inspired by high-style and design now combine with the convenience of engineered hardwood to make your flooring fit perfectly into your lifestyle. Available in hickory and maple. Color Line

Claremont Swirling knots and prominent graining enhanced by a multi-step staining process combine with subtle soft-scraped surface texturing to provide a character-rich foundation for your home. Available in hickory, maple and oak. Color Line

Congress Oak Our Congress Oak hardwood flooring adds style and elegance with rich tones and intricate graining patterns. Solid hardwood in both narrow and wide hardwood floor planks and an eased edge add classic appeal to any living space. Available in eight colors i Color Line

Gunnison Beautifully aged, soft-scraped flooring and a touch of rustic elegance combine to create an extraordinary collection featuring unique stains in walnut, hickory, maple and classic oak. Choose from traditional tongue & groove or Uniclic® installation. Color Line

Hayden Rustic artistry of smooth hardwood flooring with luxurious water-based stains which beautifully highlight the defined graining, knots and unique character found in cherry, hickory, maple and walnut. Color Line

Lewis Walnut The fine grain and darker tones of our Lewis Walnut flooring make it the perfect choice for adding subtle elegance to your favorite room. Available in three warm, rich color options in a semi-gloss finish, Lewis Walnut will add timeless beauty to your Color Line

Livingston Oak Our Livingston Oak hardwood flooring blends inviting warmth with long-lasting durability. The engineered hardwood floor planks feature a kissed edge, varying grain patterns and warm tones that beautifully complement any décor. Available in seven colors in Color Line

Morton Cherry Our Morton Cherry flooring will perfectly complement your home with gentle color and distinct warmth. The uniform wood grain and rich luster create a versatile look that withstands the tests of time. Available in a beautiful semi gloss finish in two plank Color Line

Vale Our outstanding, multi-width Vale collection features a gorgeous combination of 4”, 6” and 8” mixed boards for a spectacular installation. Rustic wirebrushing heightens the weathered visual of hickory and oak while an elegant smooth surface displays the natural beauty and variation in maple and walnut. Color Line

Weston Our rustic Weston collection features unique wirebrushing which accentuates the natural character and weathered beauty of the floor.  From design inspired colors to a more traditional look, each plank is crafted with luxurious water-based stain that highl Color Line

Wilson Maple Our Wilson Maple flooring is perfect in any setting, from contemporary to classic. The fine grain and gleaming luster of the wood make it the right choice as a beautiful backdrop to highlight your décor, or as the focal point in a unique space. Available Color Line

Wimberly Our weathered Wimberly collection features a unique double-stained and wirebrushed surface providing an exceptional vintage, antiqued visual. Featured in an array of fashion-forward stains designed to truly highlight and complement the abundant character and rustic beauty inherent in the wood. Available in hickory and oak. Color Line
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